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Competencies for the future

We live in the decade of upskilling and reskilling, because of the change brought about by technology and its power to shape markets, industries, experiences and people. 

We work with companies, institutions and organizations and help them create attractive trajectories for their employees and stakeholders, share their knowledge and develop their practice. In other words we help people learn in times of change. 

We use a blend of social science, strategic communications and new technology to deliver results and challenge our clients and partners to find new innovative ways of operating. 

We move people, organizations and societies forward by working together for an equitable and prosperous future for all often aligned with the UN SDG's.

Man has never been a solitary thinker nor predisposed to critically examining personal perspectives and beliefs. We are social beings interacting with our challenging and complex surroundings. In fact our very evolution is linked to collaboration (Wilson 2012).

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Modern HR and L&D are aligned to business needs, serve the strategy and create value for all stakeholders.

  • Competency Mapping and Strategy
  • Implementation of EdTech & Workplace Technology 
  • Social learning and transformation
  • Knowledge-sharing and knowledge management

Podcasting as a vehicle for change

By designing podcasts your unique knowledge can be published quickly and cost-effectively to internal and external audiences creating a thought leader platform you can utilize to develop your brand, business and attract talent.


We partner with others to empower people and organizations to tackle wicked problems. 

  • EdTalk.dk
  • Domain-specific knowledge-sharing events 
  • Social learning labs for civil society, interventions and impact entrepreneurship

CompetencySpace a method for mapping competencies

With our proprietary method for competency mapping we provide organizations with a strategic roadmap to adjust and develop their offerings within digital and blended learning. 

Visit www.competencyspace.com 

Seminars, workshops and conferences 

Creating the right setup for your event, the right activities and facilitation can mean the difference between yet another boring meetup and a real collaborative learning experience.  

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