Social learning

Social learning in the digital age 

Learning and living with technology

A strategic partnership to advance social learning in business, organizations and society 

Your challenge is our starting point

Are you implementing new technology, a new way of working or entering new markets… that require that you learn to do things in new ways to overcome the challenges, we are here to support you.   

We all need to master new competencies and become digital literate - or at least aware of new technology - not only manoeuvring COVID19, but also in anticipating the future and adapting to it by learning. 

The speed of digitization and digitalization is turbocharged putting a pressure on the need for speed and accuracy in fostering relevant competencies, which are achieved by a strong and resilient learning culture in which all ideas are welcomed and the direction is set, and by dong so the learning culture provides a balance between innovation and continuity. 

We need to be aware that learning can not be designed - only designed for. This means that for you to harness the power of social learning you need a social learning design as your strategy. This will enable continuous development, problem solving and cultural formation within your context.  

Learning is key to success

Learning in organizations becomes more and more important these days as the digitalization enhances, new innovation makes new competitors or the corona crises develops. Today, learning in organizations is a prerequisite for survival in the long term.

We keep it simple

We want to help you take the next step in your learning journey. We come with diverse backgrounds from entrepreneurship, research and industry and our guiding star is KISS (Keep It Simple).  

Meaning-making is key in transformation

A lot is going on in the world right now - everybody is reacting to the new normal of online participation in the line of work and life in general. We want to join you to make your journey easier, more engaging and directed. We can support you in making the meaning of your actions more explicit for everybody.

Our collaboration leads to

  • Facilitation of knowledge-sharing and collaborative learning events
  • Leadership of social learning: leaders as co-learners 
  • Coaching- and mentoring leaders and talents 
  • Enhanced ways of tackling obstacles for achieving your goals
  • The development of a social learning environment 
  • Utilization of  technology to improve learning
  • Learning strategy and organizational development 

Our approach

We help organizations and individuals become learning partners. We consider ourselves learning partners too. And the beauty of that is that we are in ‘the boat of learning’ together. Problem solving with social learning is at the heart of what we do. We support both leaders and practitioners in making changes and learning.

The three steps in our process: 

Clarification dialogue



What we offer



  • Collaboration on implementing learning in your strategy 
  • Organisational development and change

  • Development of competence maps 
  • Leadership Development 

  • Involvement in research 

Tailored courses

  • Facilitation of social learning processes 

  • Designing for learning in digital environments 


  • Webinars

  • Podcasts

  • Go-home meetings

  • Lectures on conferences or seminars

Who is behind this

Ditte Kolbæk

Personal goal: Create environments and possibilities for people to learn how to make it easier to achieve their goals.

Ditte is the inventor of proactive review and she has personally participated in hundreds of learning processes. Ditte has over 25 years of experience in business, learning industry and education. Ditte is a true believer in the power of learning and is deeply fascinated by witnessing organizational progress that results in learning - consciously or unconsciously.

Helle Rootzén

Personal goal: Help people balance the digital and the physical world in work and life - and to have fun while doing it.  

Helle is CEO and founder of andhero which she started in the fall of 2020 after she decided to leave DTU as a professor in learning technology and digitalization and as head of learnT DTU to be a knowledge entrepreneur. She loves exploiting the synergies between digitalization, leadership and learning and sharing her knowledge by creating workshops, videos, talks, projects, and by sparring, mentoring and coaching leaders of the future.

Mathias Lund 

Personal goal: Improve learning and human contribution in society, organizations and businesses to solve grand challenges. 

Mathias is an EdTech- and media entrepreneur with a special interest in creating learning organizations and Social Learning Spaces. Mathias is currently starting up EdTalk a knowledge-based partnership working with the future of learning and education and CompetencySpace an epistemic technology improving conversations for people development.

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